March 10, 2010

The New and Improving Toledo Menu


Toledo Menu has some new features I'm pretty excited about, with more on the way very soon.


When was first conceived and built, the primary focus was on Toledo-area restaurants. Building up the database of locations was more manageable because of this focus early on. However, it has always been kept in my mind to list events, tie that info together with the event venues, and show you what restaurants are near that event - this makes it easier to plan an evening out, for instance.

I'm pleased to say that the groundwork for this feature is now in place. Check out the Events section of the site to see what I mean.

Upcoming Events

The upcoming events section has been re-tooled. Registered members can now submit events for free (note: new entries will have to be approved), and whenever possible, we'll tie the event together with its venue. This helps us show restaurants and possibly other venues that are nearby and that you might be interested in.

More on the way

Toledo Menu has some great new features in the works that will make the site even better for our users, and provide new opportunities for businesses and advertisers to increase their reach and visibility.

Still in the works: enhanced restaurant/place listings and enhanced event listings, with bolder visual treatment, thumbnail icon/logo and photo galleries, and more. Contact us for info and pricing.

Please check back regularly, and if you haven't done so yet, please register for an account and start telling us about your favorite places!

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