Red Robin Gourmet Burgers at Fallen Timbers, Maumee

(419) 878-2944
3100 Main Street, Maumee, OH 43537
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Carryout: Yes

Outdoor/Patio: No

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By anonymous on November 30, 2012

A friend of mine came from out of town to visit so i thought that we should go out to eat and chat. the place was packed, but it didnt take very long for us to get a table. once we ordered our food it arrived in about 25mins, but my burger was cold and his order was wrong. i dont like to complain so i decided to keep my order. he sent it back to the kitchen because his burger didnt have any cheese on it. they brought out a second sandwich but it was the wrong one so he sent it back to the kitchen again. the manager came over and apologized and told us that he had taken it off of the bill for the inconvenience. when they brought the third and final sandwich out, they forgot that it wasnt supposed to have onions (food allergy) AND there was a long hair in it. by this time i was done with my food so i requested the bill. he told the waitress that there was onions and hair on his burger. she replied, “well it doesnt matter because the manager took it off of the bill anyway!” i was shocked at what she said and a little embarassed because im the one that picked the restaurant! since then, every time he comes to visit and we go out to eat he says, “where ever we go, please dont take me back to Red Robins!”.... three stars because the fries are endless!!!!

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By W. Pedersen on June 27, 2012

Very poor service.  Our server, Brad, took forever to wait on us.  There were only 7-10 guests in the entire restaurant, and he wasn’t the only server.

I had to asked for every refill, service was generally slow, and to top it off, when I asked for a fry refill, I was served cold fries.

Other than the cold fries, the food was great.  However, service was VERY SHODDY and will be affecting my opinion of them since corporate has not yet responded to my complaint.

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By Jerae Johnson on September 19, 2011

My family and i have been to RR many times before, this is why we decided to have our daughters sweet 16 birthday supper there. As a nice gesture i called them over a week ago, warning them that about 20 poeple would be coming in for a surprise bday party. I knew they didnt take reservations but i thought i was being nice and just letting them know. The guy i talked to said it would be no problem, that they would have a table set up, and would even sing happy birthday. Well the communication really sucked because we got there and no one knew anything about what was going on. I had even gave them my name, # of people coming and a time. So i walk in with my daughter after all the family had arrived and the hostess asked “are you here for the surprise party?” thank you for ruining it miss hostess.  The communication at RR needs some work. Very disapointed mom.

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By lillian james on June 20, 2011

people people! don’t be so picky. take the restaurant for what it is. good food, good atmosphere, good people good music and they’ve got a patio. if something turned out wrong it was a mistake. I think we all forget that theyre not just making our food but also many other peoples and they ate bound to make mistakes! You sound so stuck up when you complain about howl everything didn’t go your way. Grow up!

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By Sonja Green on August 17, 2009

this was my first time at this restaurant i will never go back again. It was a nice place and our server meggie was nice but my meal on the other hand…... i got a hamburger with mayo and bacon only and fries simple enuff. apparentlly not i recieved a cheeseburger and fries and the server then took it back a minute later she brought it back out as a hamburger. As i was adding more mayo to the burger i noticed tthat the cook had taken something and just scraped off the cheese. Lucky me i am not alergic to cheese or i would have been in trouble. i also would have been better off scrapeing the cheese off myself. i was not aware that once food went out the window it was ok to take it back handle it then reserve it again. The thought of the cook over handling my food made me very sick to my stomach.  im not one to make a big deal out of something but i would like to let those know that go to the restaurant to be careful.

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