Wixey Bakery, Toledo

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2017 Glendale Ave, Toledo, OH 43614
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By cour on November 26, 2011

DO NOT USE WIXEYS FOR YOUR WEDDING CAKE!  The groom and I (mother of the bride) first met with Brian Wixey and Julie on Fri., Sept. 16, 2011, followed by the bride and groom meeting with Julie the next day, followed up by a very explicit email from the groom to Wixeys on Sept. 23, 2011, detailing what was desired for the wedding cake/donut presentation. Based on this and numerous phone calls thereafter, we thought it was very clear what we wanted. Unfortunately, we showed up at the reception to find the most PATHETIC looking display of (3) unfrosted white cakes sitting flat on the table (no cake tiers or anything) and (2) platters of donuts. Our order was for (3) smaller cakes decorated in our colors of blue/white/black displayed on varying tier levels along with cake donuts decorated accordingly and then a mixed variety of other donuts, all displayed in some “neat” fashion.  We ended up with (3) white unfrosted cakes, 60 cake donuts, and nothing else, and the WORST PRESENTATION EVER!.  Initially when we met with Brian he expressed enthusiasm at working with the cake/donut theme and assured us it was something they could do and it would be beautiful.  I can’t explain how HORRIBLE it was ... please email me at shopsmart@bex.net if you would like me to forward pictures of the cakes/donuts display and a copy of the email to you. Wixeys gets high ratings for their pastries but make sure you google Wixey Bakery and read reviews posted on all sites as they do get POOR REVIEWS a lot of times on their wedding cakes. Usually the complaint is not about the quality/taste of the cakes, but that they get it ALL WRONG as far as decorating, presentation, and even cake flavors not being what was ordered.  We went with Wixeys because it was already included in our package deal. We could have gotten a credit and chosen any baker in the city, but after meeting with Brian and Julie we felt confident that there was no need to look any further; that they were up to the task of creating a beautiful wedding cake/donut presentation for our special day. Knowing what we know now I highly suggest that you GO ELSEWHERE for your cake so that you won’t have the same disappointment we did!  I’m the mother of the bride, who paid for the wedding reception (including the cake), so I contacted Wixeys on Tues., Oct 11, 2011. Barb answered the phone and I asked to speak to Julie. She said Julie was with a customer but would be available shortly so I agreed to hold on the line. The next thing someone else picked up the call and when I asked if it was Julie the person said she was Denise Wixey. I said that I was holding for Julie. She said Julie was not working that day and that she could help me.  I said that I had just spoken to Barb and Barb placed me on hold to wait for Julie to finish with a customer. Denise again stated that Julie was not working and asked what she could help with. I explained the above situation to her and she immediately became defensive and rude, and referred to the order sheet that she had in front of her. Obviously during the time that I was on hold Barb had told Julie why I was calling and Julie got Denise involved who pulled the order prior to answering my call. After a few minutes of Denise almost becoming irate with me, she told me to hold so I could talk to Brian. Brian was very nice and acknowledged that Wixeys had failed us as clients on a very special day and also stated that by their poor presentation they had missed the boat on the opportunity to showcase their products on display at our reception. Brian assured me that he would take steps to rectify the matter through some form of compensation. I followed this phone conversation up with a letter to Brian that I hand delivered the next day in which I attached a picture of the PATHETIC cake/donut display and a copy of the very explicit email.  Brian indicated that he would no longer speak to me until he had spoken to the bride and groom to get their feelings on the situation. I explained that I was taking care of this in their behalf since they were out of the country and, ultimately, I’m the one who paid for the reception so he really only needs to deal with me.  I’ve never heard back from Brian. I seriously urge you to reconsider if you are planning to use Wixeys for your wedding cake because YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!

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