Andrew Z’s Sportz Pizzeria, Perrysburg

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Carryout: Yes

Outdoor/Patio: Yes

Gary's avatar


By Gary on August 21, 2010

My, my, my how horrible this is.  I can’t believe people are actually going to this horrible restaurant.  My wife ordered a small pizza which was tasteless and I ordered a bowl of Spaghetti and Meatballs that tasted like right out of the can.  I’m glad Andrew has a platform to promote this place otherwise no one in there right mind would ever enter.

Shane Craddock's avatar


By Shane Craddock on August 10, 2010

Horrible is all I can say!  My family and i waited an hour after we recieved our app, and when i went to the manager to say we just wanted to pay for what we had all shhe said was your foods ready do you just wanted it boxed up togo!  I was shocked, but our 4 kids were starving for lunch so i took the food, paid the $60.00, and got home to eat and it was the wrong order all around!!  I called the general manager the next day and he said how sorry he was and that he would issue a credit to our visa and send out coupons, NEVER HAPPENED!!! That was a lesson well learned, never going there again!!!

Christa's avatar


By Christa on July 16, 2010

When we went to eat at Andrew Z’s we were told that it was going to be a half an hour wait.  No big deal.  After we got seated, we received our drinks and appetizers pretty fast, great (so we thought).  Then we waited, and waited some more, waited even longer(over an hour) until the rude manager came up to us and realized that we hadn’t gotten our food yet.  She went to see what was wrong and eventually most of our food came out except for our last pizza.  So we waited even longer to get that.  The waitress was rude, barely came to the table to see if we were good on everything.  The manager got lippy with my fiance’ because he told her that all he wanted was some food.  Very poor customer service.  We will not be going back there and will inform everyone we know not to go there. Pizza Papalis is better and their customer satisfaction is too!

K. Rai's avatar


By K. Rai on June 10, 2010

We ordered today to support the tornado relief effort.  It was supposed to be ready in 45 minutes and when we went to pick it up we had to wait another 45 minutes.  We got home and our pizza was burnt and had onions on it which we did not order.  This will be our last trip.  Very disappointing.

Shelby Johnston's avatar


By Shelby Johnston on May 20, 2010

I have been here countless times, and all I can say is that I’m Hooked!! We hardly had to wait every time I’ve been there. Its nice to have friendly staff to come ask you if you want a drink while you are waiting for your table. The dj Corey is nice and takes requests of pretty much every song. On friday nights they even have a magician, who is very entertaining. The bread balls are my favorite. They always come to your table warm. The pizzas and subs are the best too. And if you have a major sweet tooth, you might want to try the chocolate chip cookie pie. They bake it fresh after you order it which doesnt take long (But definatly worth the short wait). When it reaches your table the chocolate chips are still gooey and the cookie is still warm. It comes topped with a scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate. Must I add its the best cookie ive ever had!! I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone!

Jason Lang's avatar


By Jason Lang on April 23, 2010

ever eat a can of spaghettios that’s what the sauce tastes like on this pizza.  Nasty.  Pizza Pappilis is 100% better than this.

Billy's avatar


By Billy on March 20, 2010

Just ordered from Andrew Slease sportz pisseria for the first and last time! I was hearing all this hype about how great everything was especially the “balls” They were DISGUSTING. Pure grease and a pure Rip off. You pay $1.00 per Ball.They tasted like playdough with garlic on top. Also The “Pepperoni” Pizza had 5 pepperoni total on a large Pizza. $30 for a large Pizza and “balls”..What A RIP OFF. You would think, after all the FREE advertising he does for himself that there would be better food than this. ANDREW Z…GET OVER YOURSELF.

Kathy Ruhl's avatar


By Kathy Ruhl on January 10, 2010

Andrew Z’s Is awesome! Had a birthday celebration
there Sat. night and Corey and Andrew made it so memorable. Our waitress Amy was the best you could ask for! We will for sure be back! ~Kathy~

Ken Thompson's avatar


By Ken Thompson on November 16, 2009

If you live in Toledo then you’ve probably listened to 92.5 on your radio and if you listen before 10am you will hear a local DJ named Andrew Z. Now this isn’t a review on his show but on his new restaurant Andrew Z’s Sportz Pizzeria. I bring up his radio show because Andrew has come up with a great way to promote his restaurant, hire the local celebrities as hosts, cooks, waitresses and entertainers. People like the idea of being able to come in and see people they listen to every morning on the radio. This was most evident when I was leaving the restaurant at 7:30 on a Friday and there was a line going down the street. Andrew Z’s Sportz Pizzeria is located where Bistro Wasabi used to be and I never saw a crowd like this on the busiest nights.

As for the food, it was pretty good; I had a chance to try the Bread Balls (on accident), the wings and the pizza. The Bread Balls were fantastic and heart attack inducing all at the same time, big thick balls of bread smothered in butter, garlic and cheese, they are definitely a must try for a first timer. Next came the wings and I have to say the sauce was very good. I tried medium but it could have been called hot, not that I mind. As for the wings themselves they seemed a bit juicy for me, but that’s a personal taste, the sauce more than made up for it. Finally, Andrew Z’s Sportz Pizzeria’s famous (or will be) pizza. The crust was buttery and doughy, something I really haven’t tasted before but definitely worth a try. The pizza sauce was sweet and the ingredients (cheese pepperoni, spices) came together for a very unique taste.  The Toledo area is rampant with good pizza and it’ll be hard to get people out to eat when they can get good pizza delivered but I think Andrew Z’s Sportz Pizzeria can do it. I didn’t get a chance to sample the desserts (I was very full) but I got to see a couple of them being made and I must say they will be on the menu next time I visit.

All in all I think the food was good, not great, but its wings and pizza so my standards aren’t very high as long as you use good ingredients which Andrew’s does. I don’t think the food will be the draw as much as the chance to see and hang out with local celebrities. At the end of our meal Andrew himself stopped by the table to ask us how we liked our food and if we were enjoying ourselves. To me this means he cares not only about his business but his customers, it also tells me that Andrew Z’s Sportz Pizzeria can only improve.

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