Ambrosia Grill and Lounge, Maumee

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Carryout: Yes

Outdoor/Patio: Yes

Shannon Piv's avatar


By Shannon Piv on September 10, 2010

I recently travelled to Toledo to visit my family and my mother suggested we try Ambrosia out. It was TOTALLY dead on a Thursday which struck me as strange because there were a ton of cars parked outside= alarm #1. I reside in DC and and have travelled extensivley so when the menu arrived I was reminded just how reasonable Toledo is. We ordered: Raw Kibbe, Fatoosh, Falafel and a side of cous cous.
For appetizers the portions are HUGE and incredibly cheap=alarm #2. All of the food was incredibly GREASY; it seemed prepared with a bad olive oil blend. I have eaten better off of street cars, which made me sad. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a bad hoel bar and the service was friendly but inept. Since we refrained from anything on the dinner menu, I am not sure if the appetizers were just old and recovered with cheap olive oil to mask thier lack of authencitity or simply ill prepared. I love the Beruit, Tiger bakery and The Grapeleaf. True simple Med food expertely prepared.
I do feel bad for the owner, who’s heart seemed to be in the right place, the food was just simply SUBPAR.

Mildred's avatar


By Mildred on August 12, 2010

The food and decor were very good but aside from that service was terrible. We had lunch and were served by a foreign woman who was very difficult to understand and seemed a bit snappy at our questions about the food. It also took a long time to be seated because they did not have a hostess. This forign woman just ruined our meal by how rude she was to us.

Beth Woltjer's avatar


By Beth Woltjer on August 02, 2010

We live in Grand Rapids, MI and our son recently got married in Toledo, OH.  We came down to Toledo in April to scout out several locations for the rehearsal dinner.  Ambrosia was not on our list to visit but as we were driving by, our eye was caught by the appearanance of the building.  We stopped in and one of the owners, Aida, showed us around.  They have beautiful interior rooms with beautiful glass art but fell in love with the outside covered patio.  The stacked stone and wrought iron columns are beautiful.  We loved the decor but hadn’t sampled the food.  We came back with our son and his future bride to sample the food and it was delicious.  We just had the rehearsal dinner this past weekend and all of our guests were raving about the fresh pita bread and Aida’s homemade Hummus, which is the best Hummus I’ve ever tasted.  We also had spinach dip for an appetizer which was also terrific.  The rehearsal dinner was served family style so our guests were able to try both the lemon chicken and beef dishes along with a vegetable blend, rice and mashed potatoes.  All of the food was excellently prepared.  Ammin and Aida’s hospitality as owners made us feel like one of their family.  Our servers were excellent!  They allowed us to bring in our own dessert.  It was still somewhat frozen so the kitchen quickly warmed it up in their ovens.  Highly recommend this restaurant for amazing food, generous hospitality and unbeatable decor for your special event.  They will go the extra mile to make sure that your special day is memorable.

Aziz AL Anazi's avatar


By Aziz AL Anazi on August 01, 2010

tasty food, great atmosphere, highly. it is pricy a little bit compared to the food portions
I only eat in restaurants and I think this is a very good restaurant compared to the others in the area

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By DB on June 21, 2010

The hostess gave us a menu, we ordered from it, and enjoyed the meal.  When the bill came, the prices were 167% higher than what was on the menu.  For example, a steak was $12 on the menu, but $20 on the bill.  I went to the hostess stand, told the older dark haired lady there that the bill prices were different from the menu.  She pulled out a menu, but it wasn’t the menu that we had been given.  She pulled out another menu, which was the one we had ordered from.  She said it was the lunch menu, and that since it was dinner time, we’d have to pay the dinner prices.  There was absolutely nothing on the menu indicating that it was a lunch menu.  I told her the bill would need to be adjusted to reflect the prices on the menu we were given.  The older dark haired lady, who turned out to be the owner, started saying I’d have to pay the dinner prices.  I told her no, and she started getting loud and rude.  She even went so far as to say that we had eaten there before and should have known what the prices should have been, but this was the first, and needless to say, the last time.  She continued yelling at me for close to 10 minutes while several waitresses tried to correct the bill.  I have since been told by the wait staff and others that have eaten there that if there is ever an issue with a bill, the owner often gets loud and rude.  This restaurant should be avoided.

Julie's avatar


By Julie on June 14, 2010

The other reviews surprised me.  My husband and I were there this past Saturday (6/12/10) and had a wonderful experience.  It wasn’t busy at all and we did tell the server that we had a movie to catch but that was within an hour.  We didn’t get past the appetizer menu…so we ordered 4 or 5 of them. The Med sampler with baba ghanoush/taboulleh/hummus was great. We liked the smoky flavor of the baba ghanoush and talked about finding a good recipe since we’re growing eggplant ourselves.  We asked for extra crispy pita and got it - sooooo good.  The Calamari was fresh and I could tell the oil was new too. My husband raved about the salmon and tuna on the Seafood sampler…said they really knew how to cook the Tuna correctly - with a little pink left in the middle.  There was another dish that I can’t recall the name of but was 4 skewers with very tender, seasoned beef with a great dipping sauce. No problems at all with our server, but did not get a visit from anyone posing as a manager / owner.  The olive oil we had for dipping was so infused with flavor - I couldn’t believe another reviewer said it was tasteless. I could have made a meal out of their handmade, freshly baked pita. We can’t wait for another reason to go out to Maumee for dinner!

Melissa Kamp's avatar


By Melissa Kamp on June 09, 2010

Good food in a relaxing atmosphere.  The owners make a point of meeting each guest and making them feel welcome.  The food is very good, a mixture of dishes from seafood to steaks to pasta. The almond crusted whitefish was excellent!  Also, the decor is not to be missed!

Gary E Ulrich's avatar


By Gary E Ulrich on May 22, 2010

Wife’s chicken marsala was way too tough
My veal marsala consisted of 2 1 oz medallions. No one ever asked us how our meal was. I brought in 6 other friends,
2 of whom had bad meals. Doubtful
that any of us will return. Sad because some
dishes were good and service & ambience fine.

Lynn's avatar


By Lynn on May 03, 2010

Do not go here if you have a large group.  My nephew and friends went for Prom.  They were informed that they COULD NOT order off the menu, and that their food would be buffet style at $25 pp. They were NOT told this at the time of the reservation.  These are high school kids who would of probably ordered the pizza, which is alot cheaper.  This was a crappy way to start off their prom night.  I will never eat there!

Mark Dennis's avatar


By Mark Dennis on April 10, 2010

Visited the restaurant on 4/10/10 after favorable review in the Toledo Blade.  Greatly disappointed.  Service was terrible.  Took 35 minutes to get hummus which was very dry.  Salads were made with 95% iceberg lettuce even though the menu stated the salads are made with a Romaine blend.  A Greek salad was delivered with canned black olives.  First time I had ever seen a Greek salad without Kalamata olives.  Would suggest the owners visit the Palm Palace in Ann Arbor if they want to see their restaurant succeed.

Kathi's avatar


By Kathi on February 25, 2010

Have been here several times now since ownership and name change late last year - each time service has improved and food is always lovely.  Just last week a took a group of business guests for a late afternoon lunch which we had arranged with them ahead of time.  We had ordered appetizers ahead of time so that they would arrive at the table at about the same time as our arrival…perfect! Appetizers arrived on time and ready to eat.  We had also dropped off a small favor that we wanted placed at each place setting which they happily took care of for us.  Our waiters were pleasant and attentive.  The food was delicious and our guests were very complimentary. I am planning a similar gathering with the lovely folks at Ambrosia again in the near future. Happy to recommend it to you!


Marilyn's avatar


By Marilyn on January 31, 2010

Visited on sunday and lentil soup is superb!  Best I have eaten.  Grape leaves were very tasty with Greek yogurt on side.  Will definitely go again and recommend to others.  Bread served warm with dipping oil, seasoned just right for us.  Great service.

Jennifer's avatar


By Jennifer on January 10, 2010

I would say 2.5 if I could. In short, the decor was fabulous, the service and food were just okay. On a Sat night, we had to wait for 10-15 minutes for a table, even though more than 1/2 of the place was empty.  At the bar, it took over 5 minutes to get a drink order taken (it was NOT busy), and 5 more minutes to tell us that they were out of a key ingredient of their signature drink (ambrosia martini).  When seated, we were approached quickly with deliciously warm pita bread with flavorless dipping oil.  Our appetizer, the Medeterrian Platter had baba gannouj, hoummus, and tabboleh.  The baba gannouj had an unappealing burned flavor, and the other 2 were just okay.  Nothing fabulous.  When ordering a 2nd glass of wine, we were told they were out of that now too.  We were offered the ugrade, although it needed time to chill.  It took about 10 minutes to get the wine, and we were surprisingly charged for their shortcoming, which I thought was boldly rude.  Our entrees were the filet and past primivera with shrimp.  Steak was decent.  Pasta was served in pesto that was basically swimming in olive oil with pine nuts on top of the dish, not in the sauce.  I needed to request parmesean cheese and add salt for flavor.  The shrimp on top were completely UNseasoned and slightly undercooked, which was disappointing becuase it was a $20 plate.  The pasta we well-cooked, however. 
Basically, unless decor and pita bread are the only important factors to you, I’d say go to Beirut or Byblos!

Alison's avatar


By Alison on December 13, 2009

After 2 previous mediocre visits, this last one was AWESOME.  Service was excellent, the best food ever!!  The bread was fresh, hummus tasted great, all our entrees were the right temp, and the meat was tender.  I am thrilled that they have gotten things on the right track, and hope that things continue.  I certainly would recommend a visit if you are up for great mediterranean food!!

George's avatar


By George on December 01, 2009

Mediteranean menu, smaller portions than Mezzmerize used to do, at pretty much same prices.
Two different occasions:
#1 food was OK, but the server clearly not well trained. “oooh, you cleaned your plates. goood.” The only thing that was missing was a condescendent tap on my back.
Owner?! visited us at table, did not present himself, looked like he was inspecting our plates, but only mumbled something and left.

Second time…. gave them another chance, just because we loved Mezzmerize. This time, even worse. Reheated food. Server had NO IDEA what’s on the menu, not even basics: if the entrees come with salad or soup and what dressings they have (“my first day”). Shame. Brought me wrong pie.

Mezzmerize was a nice place, not sure what killed it. Maybe not that many people interested in this type of food? Advertising?
In any case, they are not going to be long in business the way things look.

bubba's avatar


By bubba on November 30, 2009

Don’t let the new name fool you—it’s still Mezzmerize.  Unfortunately, the same things that brought Mezzmerize down will do the same here.  Went there on a Sunday night—note that only beer and wine are served on Sunday night.  The place was uncomfortably cool.  Service was slow-waited 10 minutes before our server approached us about drinks.  The house salad stated it was Romaine lettuce, but was obviously iceberg and the whiter portion of that.  The menu is still very Mediterranean, so don’t be fooled by the news reports of it being steak, seafood, and even pizza.  Yeah, they have all that, but it’s definitely with a Mediterranean flair.  Tried it once, but won’t go back.

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