Trotters Tavern, Toledo

(419) 381-2079
5131 Heatherdowns Boulevard, Toledo, OH 43614
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Categories: Restaurants, Brewpubs

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By d z miller on June 23, 2011

Good food, yes! But the service sucks! And the owner and his wife are both arrogant, ignorant a**holes! We had the misfortune of getting lousy service on several occasions (as have many others we have talked to). On a recent visit, it took over an hour and a half for our appetizer to arrive. It came several minutes after our meal, which also took a half hour to arrive. When we complained about the poor service, the owners became defensive saying they were busy (only about half the tables were occupied). We also complained about the lousy server we had, but they defended him saying what a great person he was, never mind that he was screwing up orders all night long! When we suggested that our bill be adjusted, that’s when the crap hit the fan! We were told in no uncertain terms to leave and never come back. Problem is, we like going once a week to listen to a music group that plays there. But we’re not even allowed to come back! Whatever happened to making your customers happy and satisfied??? This place and their owners certainly have never heard of respecting the customers and making them WANT to return. If you must eat here - DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING or you may also find yourself banished by the Trotters gods.

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By con on June 21, 2011

had a band there when we went, too!  not sure if i’m rating the band or the restaurant—the band was Swingmania!

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By Bob on March 26, 2010

This is an exciting place! The food is delicious (way better than expected for a bar).  It is family friendly at dinner time.  The night we were there they had a 15 piece big band which was fantastic.  We’re going back for sure.

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