Mezzmerize Mediterranean Grill, Maumee

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Carryout: Yes

Outdoor/Patio: No

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By Avery Botte on February 22, 2010

Not only did I frequent Mezzmerize bu a girlfriend of mine works at the new restaurant called Ambrosia that took it’s place. She raves about the service as well as the food. We are going there tomorrow for lunch. It’s still Mediterranean, and the landlord actually runs it now, he had been screwed by the past leasers so he figured why not give it a shot himself. He and his wife cook all of the food themselves. We’ll see tomorrow if it’s as good as my friend says it is

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By Bartender Girl on February 04, 2009

Have you heard the latest news about Mezzmerize? What a shame :( I feel bad for all the poor employees who never got their final paycheck… Not to mention the poor landlord who probably got screwed as well. I personally love Mediterranean food, even though most of my crazy friends would beg to differ. If rumor has it that every business on that corner has failed, I wonder what type of business would actually prosper? Plus, it’s odd, considering a corner lot is usually a top location for restaurants since they’re easily accessible to passers-by. The building is absolutely gorgeous and it would be such a shame to tear it down, so it would only make sense to keep it a restaurant. The question is, what type of restaurant would the people of Toledo like to see there? Does anyone know how to contact the landlord? Maybe we can convince him to keep it Mediterranean wink Curious to hear your thoughts…

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By MD on November 17, 2008

Wonderful experience. This has to be one of the most attractive architectural treatments of a restaurant in Ohio! The food was great and the service was OK… the the Sat night crowd was pushing all the servers.

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By Claude Lemieux on May 18, 2008

My wife and I wanted something new, so we went to Mezzmerize on a recent Sat. night.  We did not get any appetizers, but the breads and two sauces were more than enough to hold us over till the real goodies.  The Cosmo we ordered was tolerable, but my glass of Red house wine, a cab/merlot mix was a great glass of wine for the price, $4.95.  We both got the house salads which were like a greek salad minus the feta and olives.  The dressing should have been ordered on the side, but is tasty.  My mate’s Shrimp dish was very good except for the shrimp, which had a precooked, then reheated taste.  My Hommus with Lamb tips was passable, but the meat had a malleted, chewy texture, and did not have a fresh grilled taste.  If you want a quiet evening, avoid the orange colored room in the rear.  We could not hear each other at normal tones.  I know they’re new, and I salute what they’re trying.  We’ll wait a little bit and try again later.  Our waitress Mindy, was very good and accomodated us on the check re my wife’s dish.  We eat out often, and don’t expect miracles, and try to tell it like it is.  Byblos’ still rules.

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By Dave on May 01, 2008

My girlfriend and I went to the new Mezzmerize in Maumee a couple of weekends ago. The decor inside is very modern; lots of dark colors and glass. We were seated at 6:30 on a Friday night with no reservation, but the place filled up very quickly soon after.

The menu is interesting and very eclectic - almost every cuisine that touches the Mediterranean is represented, including Lebanese, Greek, Italian, and North African. Bread was served with garlic sauce (like you’d get with shawarma) and something called “Salsa Brindisi”, like Mexican salsa but with different spices (rosemary featured prominently). Both were good and a welcome change from the usual oil and parmesan.

For an appetizer, we ordered the vegetables with hummus. This was fairly expensive ($10.95), but the portion was enormous. We got a tray of vegetables the size of a cookie sheet, with a big plate of hummus in the middle. The hummus was good, but not the best I’ve ever eaten.

My girlfriend ordered fettoush with chicken, and I had the lamb shank with couscous and roasted vegetables. Again, portions were enormous. We finished less than half our entrees. The fettoush was excellent and very fresh, with lots of mint. My lamb shank was so tender that the meat peeled off the bone with a fork. It could have been seasoned a little more, though. We left with a grocery bag full of leftovers - four boxes (two large and two small), and it looked like most other diners were doing the same.

Mezzmerize has a covered patio, but it was not yet open when we visited. We look forward to going back when the patio is open.

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