September 07, 2008

A Cheeselover’s “Delite”: Gino’s Italian Delites Review (View Listing)


Price: 2 out of 4

ToledoMenu Staff

Although not to be confused with The Original Gino’s Pizza, Gino’s Italian Delites on Eastgate also has delicious pies, piled high with cheese and pizza sauce. Their sauce is tangy and sweet, with (in our opinion) the right amount of spices; the crust is buttery, golden brown and chewy, somewhere between crispy thin and thick crust.

Toledo Menu wholeheartedly recommends Gino’s Italian Delites pizza, but not without a disclaimer: their pizza has more cheese than any we’ve had between Chicago and New York. The pizza at Gino’s is definitely not made with the lactose intolerant in mind.

The Eastgate location of Gino’s is carry-out only, and accepts only cash.

We Recommend

We recommend giving any of the pizzas a try. Gino’s is very generous with the toppings.

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