May 10, 2008

Solid Dining Experience: Granite City Food and Brewery Review (View Listing)


Price: 3 out of 4

ToledoMenu Staff

Granite City is a microbrewery and casual dining restaurant located in Fallen Timbers, very close to P.F. Chang’s, which was, until recently, the only restaurant at Fallen Timbers (as of this writing joined also by Red Robin). With origins in St. Cloud, MN, Granite City currently has 19 locations in eight states.

The exterior of the restaurant is fairly non-descript, with red brick and stone walls, and a logo/color-scheme that is more reminiscent of a medium-to-upscale grocery store than a restaurant and brewery. That being said, however, the interior of the restaurant was quite attractive, with judicious use of warm toned wood, glass, and (understandably) stone.

We went as part of a group of five on a Saturday at close to 8pm. The wait was approximately fifteen minutes, and was mostly comfortable on the benches just inside the door. For chess fans, there is a large-sized outdoor chess board with sand-weighted pieces – our group wondered, though, how long the set would remain complete.

The dining experience was satisfying – our waitress did an excellent job, with good menu knowledge and enthusiasm, and she made sure to keep our drinks full.

This trip we did not have (alcoholic) drinks, though the selection of beer, wine, and mixed drinks looked varied and appealing.

We Recommend

For dinner we tried the grilled salmon oscar with rice pilaf and mixed vegetables, along with the chicken salad clubhouse on focaccia with waffle fries ($1.50 extra over the choice of chips or coleslaw). Both items were well-plated and delicious, although the presentation of the salmon was more visually pleasing than the sandwich.

Our plan is to go back again soon to try one of their microbrews, another entrée, and one of the desserts. A nearby couple was sharing an excellent looking turtle pecan pie.

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