April 21, 2008

Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Review (View Listing)


Price: 3 out of 4

ToledoMenu Staff

Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi sits at the far end of Perrysburg’s beautiful outdoor shopping center, Levis Commons. The restaurant exterior is symmetrically balanced, designed to emote Japanese aesthetic, yet fit within the typical architecture at Levis. The interior decor is Asian inspired, but still feels comfortably American - depending on your preference. Mel and Barb Ayers, the owners of Nagoya, have blended qualities of their favorite restaurants around the world into their Japanese steakhouse.

Billed as a unique and fun dining experience, Nagoya does not disappoint. The juggling and knife work of the Hibachi chefs is very entertaining - but be careful not to lose your eyebrows in the flameups! And if catching your dinner in your mouth is your thing, you’re in luck.

Both the Hibachi-grilled items and the sushi are excellent.

We had a good meal and a great time at Nagoya.

We Recommend

During our visit we tasted several delicious items. The crab egg rolls and California rolls were both quite good. The miso soup and salad that came with our meals were much better than average, the soup in particular was very flavorful - not too light but also not overwhelming. We also had the Hibachi chicken sprinkled with sesame, and the Hibachi-grilled steak and shrimp, both very tasty.

Please note that Nagoya isn’t exactly an inexpensive restaurant. But we feel that the quality of the food along with the entertainment provided by the chefs makes the trip worth the expense.

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